CAMINITO; An old train track converted into a street museum – Month in Buenos Aires – HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

This street has become one of the most important icons of Buenos Aires, a colorful and lively small street, which used to be a river, a train path, a tango song, a rubbish dump and now a museum.

Located on La Boca Neighborhood, and a few blocks away from one of the most important football stadiums in Argentina ‘La Bombonera’.

There are a lot of places to eat, dance and buy souvenirs. There are people dancing tango all along the street, it can be touristy, but worth walking around and taking some pictures of the beautiful place.

From the Obelisco there is a bus that goes to Caminito, bus #152 and it costs around 2 argentine pesos = 0,20 us dollar cents (has to be paid with coins), and there is a recommendation to visit the place during the day, as some people say the area is not very safe (although I didn’t feel unsafe there).

- Julián -


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